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We are shaping the future

“No one can say with certainty what our business will look like in the future. However, we can learn how to work with this uncertainty. Because uncertainty also means that a whole range of opportunities are lying before us,” says Ola Källenius, the Chairman of Daimler AG. That is why we are already becoming more digital, more agile, and more international today. We are questioning traditional ways of doing things and striking out in new directions in order to strengthen solidarity and equal opportunities within our company. All of this is making us strong as we tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Electrification, automated driving, connected urban mobility: Our products are changing at breathtaking speed. But what does the new world of mobility mean for our corporate culture and the way we work together – within the company and also with our business partners?

Companies test themselves again and again in the course of their history – and are always changing. This applies to their culture as well as to their technologies.

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Living our values

As the physical surroundings and general conditions change for the automotive industry and its business partners, suppliers, shareholders, investors, employees, and customers, we are safeguarding our values and our culture as constants. We are not only adhering to laws and regulations but also taking on responsibility and aligning our actions with ethical principles and our values. In line with our corporate principles, we deal with one another in a spirit of openness and an attitude characterized by mutual respect, tolerance, and fairness. All of these topics are brought together in our Integrity Code. Through training courses, dialog events, and the provision of digital information, we support our employees as they develop a shared compass of values for their daily work.

Faster, better, digital

Big data, new work methods, artificial intelligence, blockchain, current developments in legal tech – for us, all of these concepts are more than mere buzzwords. Today they are already making a strong impact on our corporate culture and the way we think and act. We are forging ahead with digitalization in all of our corporate units. We make sure to involve all of our employees in this process. We are giving them time to orient themselves in this new world of work and offering them strong support through qualification and training courses.

Today all the processes of our value chain are connected with one another – from design to production, sales, and service. Our production operations today take place in “smart factories” where physical and digital processes intertwine. The more closely artificial intelligence and automation penetrate our manufacturing processes, the more important it becomes to find talented employees who are eager to help shape this transformation. But digitalization also means that long-standing job profiles are changing. We have to prepare our employees for these changes and qualify them for new responsibilities. That applies in equal measure to our trainees in the production area, our developers of vehicle architectures and software-based solutions for vehicles, and our sales personnel. That is because our customers can also expect to have digital alternatives to a visit to a car dealership – not only when buying a car but also when ordering services during the use phase.

We are diversity

Around 300,000 people from over 160 countries are part of the Daimler Group. As a result, we have a wealth of perspectives and individual experience that we can draw on in our daily work. We want to continue enhancing this diversity, because we won’t be able to master new challenges with old ways of thinking. We need creative ideas, unconventional solutions, and employees who can commit wholeheartedly to our company – independent of their origin, age, gender, individual abilities, sexual identity or orientation.

Around 300,000 people from over 160 countries are part of the Daimler Group
We have set ourselves the target of increasing the share of women in senior management positions worldwide to 20 percent by the year 2020. In 2019 this share stood at 19.8 percent.

Leadership culture? Cultural leaders!

Today employees too have different expectations regarding their employers than they did in the past. They want more freedom of choice, more opportunities to implement their ideas, and a flexible working environment. We are actively shaping these changes by means of concrete measures that are noticeably changing our organization. We want to have a culture of cooperation that will ensure our success in the future as well.

“We have always done things this way” is a thing of the past. Today we’re shaking up old structures and redefining the rules that govern our management culture. The corporate culture of the future is being shaped by the people who know our company best – ourselves – in an initiative that has been open and transparent from the very start. Participation and support are coming from all levels of our company, including the Board of Management. Four years ago we kicked off our biggest cultural transformation with the initiative “Leadership 2020.” By now Leadership 2020 has become more than just an initiative; it is therefore being continued under the name “Leadership 20X.” It’s an ongoing process, because cultural change doesn’t happen overnight.

People of Change

Mashdu Munyai

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Environmental Leadership Award

We motivate our employees to strive for excellence and innovation in every area. That also includes environmental protection. For the past 20 years we have been honoring outstanding in-house environmental protection projects with the Environmental Leadership Award. This award recognizes commitment and creative ideas regarding the environmentally friendly design of products and production processes. With it we also honor initiatives that improve environmental conditions in the countries and regions in which we operate. We have presented this award twelve times since it was introduced in 2000.

Other topics

Partners for change

We have set ourselves the goal of making sustainability an integral component of our core business and our conduct in general. In order to reach this goal, we need future-oriented alliances with all those who are helping to shape this change – whether in business, politics or civil society.

Partners for change


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