People at Daimler: digitally savvy and diverse

Our goal is to enable our employees to successfully address the challenges of a digital world. An open attitude regarding the digital transformation and digital skills, along with a diverse and inclusive corporate culture, form the basis for achieving this goal. That’s because only in a culture marked by trust and respect can all employees unlock their full potential and thus enable the company to undergo a successful and sustainable digital transformation.

Our targets

Attractiveness as an employer for digitally talented people*

Top 5

Empowerment of employees for the digital transformation**

> 70%

Agreement rate “diversity (fair treatment)” up to 2030**

> 75%

Proportion of women in leading management positions until 2020


* Rankings of goals until 2030 in the Trendence study of college graduates in the field of IT (Germany)
** Daimler employee survey, agreement rate up to 2030

Support and training

Our employees are the key to our Group’s success around the world. That’s why we invest extensively in their training and professional development and continually refine our human resources development programs. We want to support all of our employees in line with their needs and offer them effective training measures throughout their careers that enable them to develop further both professionally and personally. Our approach to professional training and human resources development focuses on requirements associated with the transformation of the automotive industry in terms of alternative drive system technologies and digitalization in particular. In 2019, for example, we offered training courses on new developments in the fields of electric mobility and robotics.

Other examples include the following initiatives:

A stage for digitalization

The fifth DigitalLife Day was held in July 2019. During the event we presented various innovations and internal best-practice examples of the digital transformation at Daimler to the more than 1,000 participants. The goal of the DigitalLife Day is to highlight the benefits and opportunities of digitalization and promote the introduction of digital systems in all corporate units.

Learning for the future

We use state-of-the-art digital technologies at our training centers to teach our employees new production methods. We also stage Future Workshops at our production locations that allow employees to test new technologies such as 3D printing, virtual welding, and virtual painting processes.

Early start

Our STEM education initiative, “Genius”, is designed to get children and young people enthusiastic in various ways about technology and technology topics. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Genius also helps teachers make their classes varied and future-oriented by offering them practice-related instructional materials, digital education materials, and advanced training courses.

Committed to a culture of appreciation and respect

In line with our corporate principles, we treat all of our employees with fairness and respect, regardless of their ethnic origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, and individual abilities. Collaboration at Daimler is shaped by team spirit, mutual trust, and respectful communication. This applies not only to collaboration within the Group but also to our cooperation with customers, business partners, and other stakeholders. We establish conditions that give our employees the opportunity to adapt their tasks and assignments to their individual circumstances. In this manner we help them do the best job they can and maintain a high level of performance.


Some 300,000 men and women from more than 160 countries enrich Daimler with their various cultures, different points of view, and individual skills.


Almost 9,000 employees with disabilities work in Germany at Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz AG, and Daimler Truck AG. Daimler AG has exceeded the legally mandated 5% quota for employees with disabilities for several years now.

Diversity firmly established

Daimler believes that a diverse workforce is a success factor. Diversity and inclusion management are therefore firm components of our corporate strategy. Here we focus in particular on the following areas of action and goals:

Best Mix: Forming the best teams based on equal opportunities and anti-discrimination. This also includes increasing the share of women in executive management positions to at least 20 percent by the end of 2020.
Work culture: Creating a supportive and inclusive working environment. In order to ensure that we can do this, we conduct a worldwide employee survey every two years.
Customer access: Understanding, appreciating, and reaching customers in their individuality.

All over Germany, people from more than 160 nations work at Daimler – day by day, side by side. Respect, openness, and cooperativeness are the values that make us successful. That’s why we take a stand for these values instead of looking the other way.

Wilfried Porth
Member of the Daimler AG Board of Management
Human Resources Director of Labor Relations

Taking a stand for diversity

The Daimler Pride Tour publicly demonstrates our commitment to increased tolerance, diversity, and inclusion for everyone to see. Our employees take part in pride parades all over the world and in this manner send a clear message that discrimination and marginalization directed against members of the LGBTQ+ community have no place at our company. Our global Diversity Day, which is held once a year, also features numerous activities that draw attention to various forms of diversity throughout the Group.


About 2,000 employees participated in events associated with the Daimler Pride Tour in 15 cities all over the world in 2019.

For diversity, against racism

Daimler is a company that stands for diversity and opposes xenophobia and hate speech. In 2019 we launched a campaign for diversity and against racism. We have set up a special page on our Social Intranet that allows employees with a single click to show their support for diversity, tolerance, and respect. Employees can also take a further stand by attaching the diversity campaign logo to their Social Intranet profile and e-mail signature. We stage dialog events that promote openness and seek to eliminate possible resentments. We also continually offer other target group-specific training and communication formats designed to contribute to an inclusive corporate culture. These range from qualification measures to dialog sessions, events, and consulting services.

Strengthening the position of women

We have set ourselves the goal of supporting women at all levels of the company. To this end, we have introduced a range of measures – from supporting the education of girls and young women in school through recruitment and individual development. With programs such as Girls’ Day and the Genius education initiative, Daimler is pursuing the goal of getting girls in particular interested in technical professions and supporting female engineering students. We also offer special leadership workshops and mentoring programs that help prepare women for work in management positions. In addition, networks set up at Daimler especially for women by women facilitate the exchange.


We plan to continue supporting tolerance and diversity in the future and to help our employees individually. We are constantly refining our measures here, with employee feedback serving as the basis of our approach. The next employee survey will be conducted in fall of 2020.

Safe and healthy work


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